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is Panoply by the celebrated electric mandolinist Michael Lampert.

British music critic Ian Lomax recently gave Panoply a Five Star review in Jazz Journal! You can read what he has to say here:

Our sincerest thanks to Neon Jazz for the wonderful interview they conducted with Michael Lampert.

Panoply was given a very enthusiastic review in Jazz Weekly.

Mandolin Cafe has given Panoply a nice write up.

Michael is the recipient of the Elaine Weissman L.A. Treasures Award, an honor bestowed by the California Traditional Music Society (CTMS) and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA).

All About Jazz magazine has reviewed both Blue Gardenia and our previous release, Jacaranda .

The albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.

All photos by Nancy A. Weiss

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